Shoot To Win!

This summer, see if your camera can make a little money for you with two photography contests. The first contest,“Little Rock is Working,” is hosted by the Little Rock Workforce Investment Board and Bedford Camera. Winning photos will be the best photos of people at work in Little Rock: not just any snapshots of your co-worker in front of his or her desk or fryer, but portraits of people caught in the act of doing their job. From looking at the photo, one should be able to tell the subject’s occupation and his/her personality at the workplace. There is no entry fee and you can submit as many photos as you like, so start shooting! Entry deadline is July 31st. 1st place is $500, 2nd is $300, and 3rd is $200. Submit your photos at any Bedford Camera.

The second photography contest is “Kutest Kids,” sponsored by Bedford Camera, Canon, and KATV. Submit the cutest photos of your little ones at any Bedford Camera location and you could win a Canon camera package including a Canon Rebel, lens, filters, 4GB card, case, pre-paid digital card, and a tripod. Entry deadline is July 24th. For complete rules and regulations about submitting and content for both contests, go to

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