Putting Pen to Paper: The Importance of Handwritten Notes

The advertising world is constantly working toward to newer, faster and more technologically advanced marketing solutions. While we at EXIT love taking advantage of the new digital and social media tools available to us, we also like to keep a few things old school around here, like sitting down to compose handwritten notes.

We believe certain time-honored practices such as note writing should be left unchanged. In certain circumstances, particularly when thanking someone, expressing appreciation or making a new connection, a note is simply the most personal, genuine way to communicate that message, and engaging people with meaningful messaging is the foundation our entire business is based on.

According to an article written by John Coleman in the Harvard Business Review, handwritten notes are more important than ever. In our current age, we often get wrapped up in ourselves, and we let our own life, dreams and success consume most of our mental, physical and emotional energy. A note puts aside the self-centered, fast-paced nature of our world for a moment to focus on another person, and express your gratitude and appreciation for them. This simple act does wonders in encouraging and building up the recipient of the note, but you may also be surprised to know that “studies show that those who express gratitude also benefit by experiencing better health and sleep, less anxiety, and more life satisfaction,” according to Coleman’s article.

Handwritten notes foster positive sentiments that our society is in desperate need of right now. Yet the average home goes nearly two months without receiving a personal letter, according to the U.S. Postal Service survey. We rely on emails and texts to communicate every thing from business contracts to love notes, and we choose this medium in the name of convenience and being technologically savvy. But the fact remains that a handwritten note requires more intention and consideration than even the most thoughtful email. This fact makes notes much more memorable to the recipient, and much more effectively communicates your appreciation.

Many people won’t take the time to send a handwritten note, so when you do, it makes a bigger impact on the recipient by letting them know that they are worth the extra effort – which our clients, friends and community members definitely are. We’re going to be putting pen to paper indefinitely, and we hope to see more people doing the same.

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