When Idle Threats Become Bizarre Team Building Exercises

In a creative environment, it’s not unusual to hear strange phrases tossed around.  To keep things fresh – words like taco and BURN are thrown around with the candor of a family. Sometimes they’re in the form of a challenge – for instance this past Wednesday someone (perhaps Shawn) couldn’t find a folder he needed. We all looked around for it, and it wasn’t turning up.  The stakes got raised – Shawn said, “whoever has it gets an egg on their head.” Suddenly, someone in the office, (perhaps Holly) seemed to remember seeing the folder in someone else’s (Shawn’s) car. When the folder was found, what ensued was the strangest mutual experience of our lives.  A myriad of rules were created including a mysterious 10 minute project, and an obstacle course with time limits (all likely in an attempt to delay the inevitable) – and then this happened (click image to enlarge):


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