Details Matter

Two weeks ago I blogged about socks, so it seems fitting to geek out about shoes for a bit this week. I was shoe shopping online this weekend (the best kind of shoe shopping, second only to Nordstrom brick & mortar). I’d been to all the usual suspects: Piperlime, Endless, Zappos, DSW, and Macy’s. I’d found a few possibilities, but nothing special.

Then, I tried an old favorite (and former place of employment) – Anthropologie. There, I was enchanted. The homepage featured this charming, literal line-up of boots, which, instead of just showing me the boots in nice lighting like the other sites, told a story about the trends, details, and variety of heights in their boot collection. The styling was flawless, from the side-by-side precision of the riding boots to the inverted shy stance of the below-calf pair; the slightly uneven chalk lines to the imperfections in the wide-planked wood floor. The next step of the homepage’s charm was the link inviting me to “identify my style,” rather than just pick a category. The experience was warm and personal and it was all the attention to detail that, for me, separated Anthropologie from their competitors. That is what will make me come back later — when the boots might be on sale because, alas, I no longer get that employee discount.

Anthro Homepage

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