Graphic Continuing Ed.

I’ve put together some of my favorite sites for Adobe software tutorials. For even the most seasoned designer, I’m sure there’s always room for improvement and new techniques.

Photoshop Tutorials:

The tutorials on this site vary in skill level and can benefit both illustrators and designers.

Smashing Magazine – Text
These tutorials show you how to manipulate text in Photoshop. They range from beginner to advanced.

Smashing Magazine – Image
These are tutorials about enhancing digital photography. Some are pretty basic, but do come in handy; others are just fun to do to expand your post-production range.

Illustrator Tutorials:

From the same guys that brought you the first Photoshop tutorials above, these also vary in skill level and usage. Most of the tutorials use Adobe Illustrator, but a few branch off into other Illustration programs.

Smashing Magazine – Illustrator
This “Best of” tutorial site is for intermediate to advanced users, although there are a few for beginners. Also, if you go to the main tutorials page of this website, there are many more tutorials for an array of programs.

Web Tutorials:

Entheos Free Resources – Web
This site has tutorials for Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, and Web Design. Especially in the Flash tutorials, they begin with the basics and keep the lessons easy to understand.

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