Hard Candy

Picking out a bottle of wine based on its label is something quite a few people admit to doing, but buying makeup because you like the design of the products? Probably fewer would admit to this. Last weekend, I was guilty of just that. Even though I had never heard of the brand and wasn’t even in the market for new makeup, I found myself buying mascara and eye shadow purely because I liked the style. The designs were young, bright and edgy instead of the common simple designs that most other brands sport. I knew I was taking a chance–buying makeup that I’d never heard of based on its packaging. It could be a ploy to cover up the fact that the makeup’s cheap and doesn’t work well. The mascara was even two dollars cheaper than what I usually buy. The brand is Hard Candy and their products come in some pretty crazy colors. It’s definitely marketed at the younger crowd with mascara colors in blue, purple and green along with the traditional brown and black. Even though I liked the crazy style, I still bought classic black. After a few days of trying out my new purchases, I’m thoroughly pleased with the results. Katie even commented that she liked my eye shadow before I told her my story! I think this says a lot about package design and shelf appeal. While a quality product is key for long term success, a well-designed product will help jump start sales in the beginning.

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  1. Mary

    They do have great designs!

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