So I have a new niece, she’s only a couple months old now, and my best friend is about to have a little boy in October. Thus, I have been on the look-out for cute and unique baby items. While checking out one of my bookmarked blogs I found Harmonie intérieure, a home decoration workshop that makes stickers for walls. Of course I’ve seen this concept before and it’s not anything new. However, these designs feel magical to me, especially “Welcome to Wonderland”, and I can just picture my niece playing in her room and making these wall decorations part of her imaginary world. The photography on their site adds to this surreal feeling. It’s not the crisp clean photography that you would see on most wall decal sites. They have subdued colors with rough edges and blown-out highlights.

They have regular home decorations as well. It makes me want to go home and start painting on my own walls. Although these stickers would be so much easier.

Wonderland Chart

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