Little Car, Big Client Service

I think, on some level, everyone is in the client service business. We all experience this exchange on a daily basis. On this sunny Friday, I wanted to share with you the best, and I mean the best, client service I’ve ever experienced.

I love my car. She (her name is Stella) is a 2006 Mini Cooper S. Stella is cute, has great features (love the heated seats and double sunroof) and is so much fun to drive. Unfortunately, Stella got sick a few weeks ago. I took her to Firestone and they said there was a problem with the thermostat in her engine. And it was so bad that I couldn’t even drive her home, let alone to Memphis where I get Stella serviced. Had a small freak out about what to do. I called the Mini dealership in Memphis, where we bought Stella; they could not have been nicer. They sent a tow-truck to come pick her up from my office, took her to Memphis, fixed the problem and then put her back on another tow-truck and brought her to home to me at 6:30 on a Friday night – all free of charge. That is what client service is. I have always thought that I had pretty good client service in the past, but nothing like this. They did everything they could to make sure my car was perfectly taken care of, fixed, brought back and with zero inconvenience to me. They also changed out the windshield wiper fluid, put on new wiper blades, changed the oil and washed Stella. This is above and beyond regular client service. Think about the last time you gave or received exceptional client service. Didn’t that just make your day? I was already a huge brand ambassador for Mini, but this experienced sealed the deal for me never wanting to buy another car!

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  1. ShakeandShimmy!

    Oh my. That’s wonderful! I love my horse, and I had a similar experience with my horse (it has a name, “Car”). It’s got great features(it can stop on a dime and takes corners like a snake in a museum of stuffed bobcats, wheeehoo!) Anyway, Car broke down like most horses do when they seen to many winters and foget how to heat up. Oh, they said car had some complicated thermostatic mumbo jumbo, but my only thought was how am I gonna get car out of the garage, let alone to Beale Street where master-horseman now turned street mucisian “Caught One” Will Walters can tune it up. Well, twist my moustache and tie it in a knot, I forgot about the best feature of all! Will said if there was ever any problem with car to call him on his cell, whistle “Good, Bad and the Ugly” and he’ll be right there. Well I did what he said and who would’ve guessed in less than two hours there was Ol’ Will himself with a tow truck to pick up Car. Will didn’t say a word. He just chained up car, then looked out the window and whistled. Next day Car was clean shaven and smelled like it had been washed. I’ll tell ya, I’ve never been so happy to see my car. And if that don’t make you feel like your flyin’ fast down the street in your boots on ball bearings, Will pinned a note to Car’s saddle that simply said, “Doodeeedooodeedoo wah wah waah.” Man I shed a tear and that sealed the deal for me. I never want to buy another car.

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