Little Name, Big Thoughts

Last week, via a friend’s facebook post, I found a new, fun site. It was a short url, so despite not clicking on it immediately, I was able to remember and key it in later. is a small non profit “devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.” In layman’s terms, that means sharing podcasts of cool people chatting about their areas of expertise. Right now, some of the most emailed are Steve Jobs’ commencement address to Stanford University, Natalie Merchant singing old songs to life, and Johnatan Klein’s photos that changed the world. Also search by theme to shed light on any burning question.

In addition to sharing cool, relevant content, the site is also beautifully designed. When in “visualization” mode (as is the default), the podcasts appear as photos of various sizes on a grid. Both visually engaging and functional, the sizes reference a video’s popularity. Hover over a video for a longer description. Click on it to view. reminded me again the power of a podcast. Slightly longer than microcontent, but non-threatening in its still short enough to keep my attention chunks, podcasts are a great way to share your expertise.

(Header image is a screen shot from

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