Pushing The Envelope

This holiday season, I’m going to step up my wrapping game. Inspired by the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living, I’ve decided it’s time to make not just the present perfect, but the presentation perfect as well. Check out these 75 ideas for gift-wrapping everything from gift cards to wine. And don’t forget about ribbon–my favorite wrapping accessory–reusable and elegant. Also within these ideas is a link to some well-designed, printable paper.


  1. Melissa Wilcoxson

    Since I’m one of those multi-tasking moms you blogged about earlier, I don’t think I’ll turn into Martha with my wrapping. I did like the idea of homemade wrapping. I can put the kids to work on making some great designs which can keep them occupied and serve as part of the gift (see…multi-tasking). Kids are great for low-cost labor!

  2. Grace

    good plan! i’m guessing my dreams of wrapping like martha will just be dreams, but it was fun to look at all her ideas. someday…

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