Stale or Vintage?

While checking out at target some cereal boxes caught my eye that didn’t seem to fit today’s normal design standards. Then I realized that the Lucky Charms box was graced with one of their retro designs from years past. Looking down a shelf, Trix was also put into a design time warp. Even the texture of the boxes had a rough matte finish instead of the glossy smooth coating of today’s cereal boxes. I was intrigued and snapped a couple photos while the cashier gave me a weird look for being so interested in cereal boxes.
I did a little research on the matter and it turns out that General Mills selected some of their cereals to go retro for a short period of time. I’m not exactly sure what the strategy here is, possibly for the nostalgia and reminiscence for the older consumers so that they will buy their kids the cereal that they remember eating as a child. Definitely seems marketed towards the older generation since kids obviously would not remember the design of yester-year and are usually drawn to packaging with bright colors and a lot  of movement. You can see the comparison below between the retro and more recent look. Sorry Trix is a little shaky, the line had started to move.
Even though I did not buy the cereal, since I have no kids and do not eat sugary marsh mellows for breakfast anymore, the packaging did catch my eye and I do appreciate designs of the past. So overall I say good move. This promotion won’t last much longer though, if it’s still going on, so if you want your own retro box you need to head to target soon!

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  1. David

    Flash: Quaker Oats will go Hip Hop and add a bunch of bling on the old white guy and pose him flashing gang signs!

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