The old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is hard to follow when it comes to wine. Every time I go buy a bottle, I want to try something new, and, not being a wine connoisseur, the way I choose is purely aesthetic, which seems to be the case with most people. Wine packaging is standard: a glass bottle, usually the same size and color for each variety of wine. So, it is only with the label that designers get to differentiate from all other brands and grab our attention. A good designer will take this opportunity and run with it, creating something unique and eye-catching. I’ve put together some of my favorite wine labels for inspiration. The great thing about wine labels is that it’s not just graphic design, once emptied (or while being emptied) it has the opportunity to be a piece of art that can inspire many different types of artists.



  1. Stephanie

    I do the same thing!
    I’ve made a lamp out of an old wine bottle that I loved. Love looking at it in my kitchen!

  2. Mary


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