2010 ADDYS

This weekend, the AAF-Little Rock (formerly AdFed) brought 3 wonderful judges into town to judge the club’s annual ADDY competition. As a member of the ADDY committee, my presence was requested to assist with the judging, and while I was not initially thrilled with the idea of spending my Saturday ‘working’, I ended up really enjoying the process and the company. The three judges were Peter Siaggas from Spots Films in Atlanta, Kelly Munson from Mono in Minneapolis, and Devon Harris from Wunderman in Seattle. They offered not only geographic diversity, but a mix of specialities to judiciously critique all entries. At the end of the day, after all scores were entered, our judges kindly offered a show & tell of their work, which I’ll now share with you. It’s always fun to see what other creatives are doing.

Peter shared this website for 711.

Kelly shared this project completed for Blu Dot.

Devon shared a series a fun web banners for xbox. Unfortunately, I don’t have a link to those, but you may have seen them on Facebook. View work from Wunderman here.

As for any early results, not a chance; I’m sworn to secrecy. See you at the event on February 20! For more information, go to 2010addys.ning.com.

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