A Wonderful Life

I started at EXIT when I was 23. It was my second job out of college and I was so excited to go work for this funky little agency. I would have never guessed that 8 and half years later where my life, and where EXIT, would have gone. Working at EXIT has taught me to be a better strategist, to think about how each tiny detail makes a difference in the overall brand and image of a company, it has given me the confidence to take the jump to the client side of this crazy marketing business, but most importantly it has brought me wonderful friends who I cherish. This little family at EXIT has had its ups and downs, just like every family, but at the end of the day I have felt so fortunate to have learned, played, fought, danced and celebrated with them over all these years. I will miss drinking coffee in the mornings and catching up, all the crazy photo shoots and late nights, but most of all just being a part of this family. I will always hold this time so close to my heart. 

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