An Inspirational Lunch

Today we joined one of our clients, the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas (WFA), at their annual Power of the Purse fundraiser luncheon. WFA focuses on providing funding and resources to help educate and empower women across the state. The event was a huge success with over 600 women and men in attendance.

Each year, WFA honors a deserving female philanthropist as Woman of the Year in Philanthropy. This year’s Little Rock honoree was Mrs. Johnelle Hunt, wife of the late J.B. Hunt, and her personal story was truly inspiring. J.B. Hunt’s former personal assistant was also a former Haitian missionary and before Mr. Hunt’s passing he vowed to support her if ever she had the opportunity to go back to Haiti. Some time after his passing the personal assistant lost her son in Haiti serving as a missionary. Her son’s vision was to put a school in every single church because education was almost non-existant. Unfortunately he died before that vision could come to fruition. His mother and family continued in his legacy and made his dream a reality, educating and providing books to 400 children, all with the financial support of Mrs. Hunt.

The event keynote speaker was also engaging and energetic. She encouraged people to give their time and resources to better the state of Arkansas. She stated, if you give a woman a fish, she will feed her family for a week; if you teach her to fish she will feed her family for as long as she has a clean lake or a permit; if you give her the resources to purchase the lake she will keep it clean, feed her family, and teach them to sustain themselves for generations. She even moved several women to commit to large sums of money before they even left the luncheon.

It’s great to see so many people working together to improve educational and career opportunities for Arkansas women. To further encourage the guests, everyone in attendance was given a report, designed by EXIT, with the startling facts about the educational stats facing girls in Arkansas. I’m certain the information within this report will inspire more people to provide financial support that helps the WFA continue to make an invaluable impact on our entire state.



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