Achieve Confidence and Consistency with a Brand Style Guide

The design of your new logo is finished. It’s perfect! Now to show it off. . . It’s time to pass out business cards, send notes on your stationery, put up building signage, launch your website, create a digital media campaign. . . but how do you make sure your company’s mark and all its brand-specific elements are consistently and correctly used? You set the rules. Doing this for your identity starts with creating a brand style guide.

A brand style guide is essentially a document that defines your company’s identity elements and how they should be used across all points of interaction, both internally and externally. The guide is useful for designers and developers, marketers, vendors, writers, or anyone else who will be involved in marketing your company. Style guides can be simple—a couple of pages defining your logo, typefaces and color palette; or it can be more inclusive with examples of how to write copy for certain audiences and examples of ad designs.

Brand Style Guide Elements

Most style guides will include your company’s logo design (usually with examples of full and one color variations), your color palette and choice typography for use on company collateral. They can also include examples of graphic elements or symbols, wordmarks, copywriting and brand tone, examples of brand elements in use, and rules on how not to present your brand.

Why are Brand Style Guides Important?

Think of your brand guide as a tool that helps create identity consistency for your business—keeping your logo from being used improperly and helping maintain brand identity. By setting rules and standards on how your brand’s identity can be presented, the guide will ensure your company is always represented professionally and accurately. Maintaining this consistency, even in the smallest of details, helps to enhance brand trust among your customers and prospects.

We Can Help

If you are an already established company, but don’t have guidelines set in place for your brand, contact us. Brand guidelines can be created after the establishment of your logo, brand voice and style have been decided upon. (If this hasn’t been done, don’t worry—we can help with that too!) No matter what stage of business your company is in, our team is here to help.

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