Branding Is About Always Being Yourself

It’s important to not get brand consistency confused with repetitiveness. The strong brands do not dress exactly the same or repeat one single phrase at every customer touch point. Doing this would be extremely awkward- leaving customers to either distrust or fear you. Consistency for a brand comes in how it reinforces its values whatever the setting or situation may be. It’s being honest and confident with who your company is, completely, that inspires others to want to connect with you. This past weekend, at the River Cities Dragon Boat Races, Delta Trust was proudly showing off its fun and compassionate side while raising money for the Children’s Protection Center. Bankers rowing a dragon boat and wearing t-shirts- a different look and message from Delta Trust that delivers a likable and relatable side of the company while complimenting its existing brand image.


Check out the event fun and EXIT designed t-shirts:



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