Camera In My Pocket

The iPhone really did change my life. Having the entire world available to you, in your pocket, is a pretty awesome thing. Every time my mom wants to know something she looks at me and says “Kate, why don’t you iPhone that for me”. Cracks me up! But probably my favorite thing about my beloved iPhone is having a camera on it. I never have to worry about missing that perfect moment because I don’t have a camera. My fiancé (yes, boyfriend is now my fiancé!) and I joke that every photo ever taken of us has been from this trusty device. I love to take photos with Instagram and pick fun filters and frames and make the photos more artsy and stylized. But while I was reading some blogs that I follow this morning, I came across this great post with 10 new photo editing apps that I hadn’t heard of. I can’t wait to download these and start shooting away – our sweet lab, Isabella, is always a good test subject for photos!

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