Design like Agriculture

The original concept is a seed – the final product is the fruit. A seed never grows until it dies, but the fruit that comes from one seed contains hundreds (even thousands) of seeds. As long as you are holding tightly to your original concept – your idea is going nowhere.

Let the concept die. Give it up. Bury it in the ground. It will come back to you, but as something radically different, exponentially itself, and delicious.

Learning to trust this cycle is essential to getting your concepts to the next level. The agricultural model is proven to work for thousands of years – which is a pretty good track record. It’s a trusted but always fresh way of “pushing” the concept. Let it die, and watch it grow. Like a gardener, your job is not to make the plant grow, but to water it, prune it, fertilize it, and in the end – harvest the results. Design like Agriculture!

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