Finding What's Important

We call it a lot of things, your Dominant Selling Idea, your WHY, the reason you get up in the morning.  It’s an elusive, almost hidden, but totally ingrained spark at your core. It’s there whether you realize it or not. Tapping into that WHY and living out of it is the foundation for powerful, meaningful work. 

To know this spark you have to search two directions – towards your origin and towards your future. Discovery and rediscovery go hand in hand. It’s the same reason really good teachers feel like they are reminding us of something rather than explaining something new to us.  Because deep truth resonates with your heart, and is already there. It is your mind that needs the teacher – to keep it in line with the WHY at your core.

Identifying, embracing and consistently reflecting your WHY creates appealing and engaging characteristics that people want to connect with, want to follow, want to promote to others. No only do you earn trust and attention – you create loyal relationships based on the discovery of shared beliefs. 

Spending time to find your WHY is time well spent. Whether it’s your personal WHY, or the core of your business – this is the birthplace of meaningful work.  What is your WHY? How did you uncover it?

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