Going Digital

I’m a big reader. Love to get lost in a great novel and I am constantly reading magazines of all kinds. So it is very funny to me how one of my very favorite magazines is exclusively an online magazine. In January 2011, Matchbook Magazine was launched. It is a lifestyle magazine focused on all things stylish – fashion, decor, arts, travels and culture. The monthly mag has grown into so much more in the little over two years since the first issue but at the heart they are still a magazine dedicated to providing style to the match girls. 

The trend to go online has been a hot topic in the last few years. The majority of printed elements come with an online tool – you can download a PDF of the book you are reading to your computer or when you get a subscription to the printed version of the NY Times it also downloads on your Kindle. As a marketer, I am fascinated by how the print business has extended itself and continued to grow in this digital age. I feel that it really comes down to knowing your consumer and choosing the key ways and places to reach them. Matchbook has done a great job of this. They know their consumer is a young, professional woman and they are everywhere she is. They are on her iPad, on Pinterest, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter – all promoting the same stylish message.  

Would love to grab a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine if you prefer, and talk about ideas on how to expand your brand and reach your consumers. Tweet us at #goingdigital and let’s put it on the calendar! 

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