How To Stand Out In The Crowd

We all want to connect somehow, some way. Through social media, we make connections through expressing our thoughts, sharing our adventures, and celebrating milestones in our lives. Being ourselves is becoming to others. What if as a company you communicated this way to your audience? Even if just for a day, be brave and allow your company to be more transparent, more real on social media. And see the response you get. In an article titled “5 Social Media Truths, and how to Manage Them” by Lauren Harper of Oracle, authenticity and transparency are the two key traits that create loyalty. So what’s the trick? You have to make every connection on social media personal. Social media offers brands the opportunity to keep it real, show transparency in real time, and share the things your brand is passionate about. So stop using social media as another channel to advertise. Instead, stand out more by simply being yourself. This will show more originality and have more believability. Traits that lead to more customer loyalty.


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