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We love our office. The industrial brick walls, exposed wooden ceiling and abundance of natural light make it an easy place to spend the day. But we have to admit, there’s something about being out of the office that can open up the mind to new, creative ideas. We have a few spots around the Little Rock area that are especially effective in helping us gain a fresh perspective on our projects, work and life in general. From spaces that encourage serious work sessions to places that free our minds to brainstorm, here are the Little Rock spots that inspire us most.

little rock places of inspiration

Shawn – President

Waffle House for lunch- life is raw, real and simple at this place. Being there helps me straighten out my priorities, which gives me more focus on the project I’m working on.

For serious work, I like any place with a large flat surface that allows me to put on my headphones and surround myself with a privacy wall of music courtesy of my playlist on shuffle. Favorite spots for this include Community Bakery and Root Cafe.

Last but definitely, not least, being at home with my wife and kids always does my mind good. Time with my family helps me to erase worries and regain the little bit of wisdom I have.


Laura – Graphic Designer

One of the many perks of working on South Main is Bernice Garden, which is literally across the street. It’s like a palette cleanser between projects and ideas, my private little green space in the middle of urban Little Rock.

When I’m in desperate need of a Zen moment I like to head to Pinnacle Mountain or Petit Jean State Park. Coming from the Delta, mountains are a really big deal. Trust me, you don’t know unless you’ve lived it.

I also like to look at art, so the Arkansas Arts Center is a no brainer, really. There’s nothing like other peoples’ work to make you jealous enough to work harder.


Alex – Account/Social Media Manager

I love walking the Big Dam Bridge. The peace of the water, the small feeling of risk, watching everyone below moving so fast while you get to stand still, the lights that are often set to support an important cause.

I can find inspiration at any place with a view and a breeze, and Pinnacle Mountain is the perfect nearby escape that provides both.

A great patio always puts my mind at ease, especially one with an incredible view like the deck at Brave New Restaurant.


Emily – Social Media Specialist

I love the relaxing vibe of Boulevard Bread. I’ve been going to the one in the Heights for years, but I’ve loved getting acquainted with the location in SoMa since starting work at EXIT.

Mugs Café in Argenta is a great spot whether you want to take a break and relax with a cup of coffee or buckle down and get some serious work done.

Being outside seems to always clear my head. I love Two Rivers Park, Emerald Park and anywhere on the Arkansas River Trail.


To create truly creative content, you’ve got to give your brain a break from the office and find a place that inspires you, and Little Rock has plenty. Where do you go to find inspiration? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter @EXITMarketing!

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