Let's Get Moving

As a designer it is easy to get caught up with the “I need to complete this task” mentality. But I enjoy remembering ideas are like maps they need to be experienced. Maps are the overall perspective of a landscape, what is on that landscape and what could potentially go there. Sometimes looking at a map you can see clearly what lies ahead while some maps require you roll-up your sleeves, experience the land, and get a little dirty. Some ideas are like this, they have to be touched in the real world get the whole picture. Some ideas are great on paper and then when you get out in the muck and the mire, you begin to sink. At the same time, some ideas look like giant mountains and when experienced turn out to be little ant hills. The best way to get an overhead perspective is to get around on foot, check out those odoriferous flowers, swat at those bird-like mosquitos, bask in the humid sunshine, or cool off in a crisp lake. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to crack open my map and get exploring today!


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