Limits and Choices

Every project has limitations. Limitations can be financial, schedule related, or creative muscle. The trick is to turn those limitations into choices. If you only have 8K with a 10K idea, move to a 5K idea that you can blow out of the water with 8K.  If you’re running up against the deadline – decide to finish it early.  If you’re running out of steam creatively, make the choice to care about the end result – which might mean bringing in some more muscle, or narrowing the scope so you can focus what energy you have left.  When a limitation rears its head on a project (which it always does), you have two choices – you can either be a victim of the limitation, or choose to let it refine your process. On the project you’re working on now, try choosing to let the limitations you encounter refine your work, narrow your focus, and give you the drive you need to take it to the next level.

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