Look Beyond “Likes” and Find Love 

It’s important to understand that experiencing steady network growth does not guarantee sales success. The ultimate goal for a client’s social media channels is to develop a strong following of brand ambassadors, people who love the product and trust the brand. 

Building relationships with this level of depth requires more than special promotions that trade likes for free stuff. Sure, give-aways can be a fast way to grow followers, but a majority of these new people have a greater interest in winning prizes than actually buying your products. And, as far as becoming a referral source, forget it. You’ll be lucky if they remember your company’s name twenty minutes after the promotion is over. Making close connections with customers and prospects demands a lot more effort and time. People need to know what makes your company different and, even more importantly, better than the competition. 

Social media allows you to communicate your selling message to an audience of thousands every day. The stage is set for you to show your passion for your brand promise and prove your commitment to fulfilling it. Through doing this day after day after day, you will earn brand trust and loyalty— the foundation needed for your followers to find brand love. And once they love you, they will passionately let everyone know why. No $50 gift card required.

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