Passion and Authenticity

A creative life is lived in the balance between passion and authenticity. The root of passion (passio) means pain.  Pain free life, is passionless life.  Authenticity is about agency and autonomy – acting on your own steam.  Authenticity takes the pain (passion) and transforms it towards a purpose. Authenticity is direction won out of letting pain change you.  

 Said another way, Passion is the fuel for the fire.  Authenticity is the fire itself.  Passion gets out of bed in the morning, Authenticity remembers why it’s awake.  Passion (pain) by itself is not enough – it needs to be guided. If you feel like your work is missing an authentic voice it’s either that you’re not passionate about what you’re doing – or that your passion is being channeled in some other ways.  Some not-so-authentic outlets for passion are bitterness, apathy, corruption and denial.  Be on guard against those, and let your passion make your work authentic!

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