Pinning Away

My new obsession is – it is a fantastic mash up of social media and inspiration all mixed into one very cool website. The idea behind it is to find photos online that inspire you and you “pin” them to boards that are set up under your account. As you pin photos, you gain followers who then repin the things that you find inspiring. Pintrest launched a little over a year ago and has taken off as a way to express your creativity and share it with others. Their mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting”. Through connecting people from all over the world, they are inspiring people to buy new products, try a new recipe, travel to a new location or plan the perfect summer party.

One of the coolest things from a marketing perspective is that companies have embraced it. Websites have started putting “pin it” icons next to products so all a consumer has to do is click the button and then it links to one of my Pintrest boards. The more people that repin a photo, the more people view it and it starts to become viral.

This is another example of how with the right content behind it, social media can be used to engage and unite massive groups of people; creating defined spaces to target very defined audiences. The possibilities for results is wonderfully exciting!

Check out my boards here (I’m new, so filling in more every day!) and click on the names below to take a look at, in my opinion, some of best ones out there:
Laura Erin Brittany Mandy

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