Pray the Devil Back to Hell

EXIT was offered the unique opportunity to attend a special screening of Pray the Devil Back to Hell with the filmmaker and producer Abigail Disney. The documentary is about the liberation and revolution of a civil-war torn country, Liberia, and the passionate women that led the revolution. The women were tired of their husbands and young sons being at war, women and young girls being rape and the death of their nation. These women came together, wearing all white, and fought back in silence. They stood in the warzones, the marketplace and political arenas singing and chanting “No more war”. Their numbers multiplied and multiplied until their tyrant leader and the warlords could no longer ignore them.

These acts were a few of many that were the catalyst to peace talk agreements, the exile of a corrupt leader, the end the ruthless rape and murder of children and the election of the first female president of Liberia. After the film, Abigail spoke briefly about the making of the documentary and how her passion for creating the film was born. Abigail was moved to share a story that was almost lost. The movie was a testament to power of one person’s passionate and unrelenting vision for change. Find out more about Pray the Devil Back to Hell.

Sarah and Abigail Disney

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