Productiveness and Carving Out Time For Yourself

If you’re anything like our EXIT team, there’s no such thing as a “typical day.” Some projects may take longer than originally anticipated, and our schedules are constantly shifting to accommodate that in addition to our daily tasks. It’s a constant cycle that can sometimes feel like a juggling act, and if you’re not careful, you might end up worn out or uninspired. With this in mind, I was even more excited than usual when I stumbled upon an article on secrets of the most productive people in “Fast Company” magazine. 

When reading, I was surprised at similar habits that these successful individuals shared– They all took time to slow down from their busy lives and allow themselves to be energized from something other than routine. It may seem counterintuitive, but in those routine shifts, many found themselves inspired to solve the problems that had caused them to continually hit a wall in the first place.

Part of being productive, the article states, is to know your best habits. Whether your best habit is walking, list-making, coding (seriously, some people find it “zen”) or simply having a go-getter attitude; recognize where your strength lies and take advantage of it. On that note, though it may not be as fun, it’s also important to recognize our bad habits. With these new realizations in mind, we can then work through our bad habits, become even stronger in our good ones, and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

These tips are particularly important in our field of creative development. In order to offer the best possible value and products to our clients, we have to know what we’re actually good at doing. And if happy clients only come through asking ourselves the tough strengths vs. weakness questions, we’ll gladly do so. Bonus? We’ll be more fulfilled too!

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