Seriousness Of Silly


As one of our responsibilities in this vast creative industry, we, as creatives, are beacons for ideas. Whether that is laying out type in a pleasing, thoughtful manner in an ad, or shaping an idea to be the most direct, informed version of itself it can be, to figuring out the most effective way to get our clients message across through various forms of media.

I’m often most amazed by the process. After all it’s the journey not the destination, right? During weekly meetings I have a habit of loosely doodling things that catch my attention. It could be anything from a fellow doing a handstand, shapes swallowing a face, or a Santa hat next to ideas for client giveaways. The point I suppose is that an idea can come from anywhere, even silly drawings that seemingly have no purpose, but grow into something more tangible and useful.

Some of my favorite things to do when brainstorming involve giving myself limitations. For example, maybe I only allow myself the use of two colors, or take away a key element and see how strong my layout is. It’s limitless what you can do to stir your imagination and get really great ideas going. So step away from your computer, take a sketchbook, go for a walk, a hike, or pick up a coffee and people watch. Just remember some of the most amazing things can happen when your mind is free to wander.

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