Small Things Are Big

In the past few weeks my place of residence has been undergoing a change over from one cable/internet provider to another. The property owner did their part in letting all the residents know that a change was going to occur and that we may experience a day or two without cable/internet. This new cable/internet would be an upgrade from regular cable to HD cable topped off with high speed internet. The day I received notice the upgrade had been completed I picked up my brand new shiny remote and flipped through all the new channels and reveled in the glory of the new and improved HD Cable TV. I grabbed my Ipad to experience the new high speed internet and found myself frustrated that there was no new high speed internet. There was actually no internet at all. I read through the notice that was left on my door to confirm I should have high speed internet. I called the property owner and was politely given the number to the new service provider.

I was confused at how to explain I was receiving free service and the property owner manages the account. To my surprise the service provider knew right away how to address the problem. Rather than telling me “I’m sorry, I cannot help you, you will need to talk to your property manager, or I’m sorry it is the weekend, I cannot help you” she was able to provide a temporary solution until a technician would be available to make a visit to my home. I needed an ethernet cable to get a connection to the internet, so the customer service representative went online to the nearest Wal-Mart and gave me all the information I needed from price to brand name. I was impressed with her ability to quickly solve my problem on a late evening during the weekend.

Even though it was a minor service, the experience delivered by this company was meaningful and memorable to me. It wasn’t a TV commercial, print ad or special promotion that made me a fan of my new internet provider; it was the effort and courtesy shown by a customer service representative. Every brand touch point matters, no matter its size.

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