Stories of Hope

Recently I’ve started receiving the Ad Age Global E-News. It’s fun to read what’s happening in our industry in other parts of the world. One headline caught my attention this week, Red Cross Stories of Hope. It featured Leo Burnett Iberia’s opening of a pair of stores for the Red Cross in Portugal and Spain. The stores sell books, but books with a twist: all pages are blank. They have covers with titles like The Children Who Learned To Smile and My Grandfather, The Engineer Who Was a Super Hero. Each book includes a marker with information on how to donate to the Red Cross and make this story come true, hence the name Stories of Hope. The stores are located in large shopping centers, so a woman in Spain could be shopping for a new dress, stop in to buy a book and end up helping an earthquake victim in Haiti. We all aspire to someday write a story about how we made a difference, made someone’s life better. How inspiring to pick up this blank book and actually be able to do that. I’m proud to be part of an industry that gives back to our global community not just with money, but with creativity and heart.

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