Take a Break

In a creative business, it’s important to keep your ideas fresh and stay inspired. But at some point, even the most innovative minds reach a point where there’s little left to give. We all know the feeling: Your brain is screaming that it’s done. It wants to shut down. And you know what? You should let it.

Walking away from your desk for a few minutes has a positive impact on the quality of your health and your work. Taking a 10 minute break and coming back  to work refreshed will pay off dividends over dragging through the rest of the day with little to show for it. If good quality work is your goal, try one of these brain breaks next time you hit your wall:

Take a walk.

A quick walk outside wakes up your brain and gives you an extra oomph to finish your day strong. Any fresh air is great, but a park or tree-lined street is ideal, as nature is proven to have a calming, restorative affect on the human brain.

Grab a coffee (or a tea, or a cookie …).

The benefits of taking time to enjoy a little treat last beyond the couple minutes you take to rest your brain. A well-timed jolt of caffeine can perk you up enough to power through that last assignment – same goes for a good dose of brain food.

Make yourself useful.

Sometimes zoning out with some mindless work is just what you need. Go clean up the break room, do some paperwork or find another simple office project to do for a few minutes. Taking on a monotonous task for a little while allows your mind to shut off while you’re still being productive.

Jam out.

Pop in those headphones and put on your favorite feel good music – it will make you happier, allowing you to think more freely and creatively.

Have a conversation.

A quick chat with a coworker or text session with a friend takes your mind off work completely, allowing you to come back to your projects with a fresh perspective. Taking a time out to talk is especially effective for extroverted people who are energized by interaction with others.


The more you force yourself to focus when you don’t want to, the more pushback you’ll get from your brain. Instead of fighting, just let your imagination run wild. In the marketing and advertising industry, this is one of the best breaks you can take, as it could lead to your next big idea.


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