The New MySpace

Who remembers MySpace? I think I had a page but then a little thing called Facebook came along and MySpace died. The great thing about MySpace was that it allowed the users to really create a space the defined them – you could show your personality, style and that little something extra that Facebook doesn’t allow. Where I always felt that MySpace did best was for artists – whether that be a musician or visual artist.

But just like every good has-been it has been trying to recreate itself and I will say that the latest effort may be a smart move on their part. The new landing page for MySpace is designed really well; it is user friendly and provides hooks for me to want to find out more about certain topics and pages offered. What I think is the most interesting part is that you can create a MySpace account with your Facebook account. Why do they do this? I think the new tagline says it all – Social Entertainment. MySpace is redefining itself as a complimentary social media platform to Facebook, they are not mutually exclusive anymore.

So what all does this mean for consumers and more importantly brands? I think it may be too early to tell but I can tell you that I am going to keep my eye on it. I think for the music and movie industries, this could be a great tool to reinvigorate the consumer in entertainment and connect with them in a new way. What do you think? Tweet us @exitmarketing with the #newmyspace to share your thoughts.

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