When Technology And Good Ideas Come Together

When you are able to marry two mediums to make a message come to life the results can be inspirational, motivating, and captivating. Our team came across a Swedish ad for apolosophy, a new line of hair products in Sweden. The ad was placed on a digital billboard equipped with ultra sonic sensors in a subway – that upon arrival the short film clip on the screen changed, from beauty pic to hair blowing in the wind as the train passes. A shampoo truly bringing hair to life. A Swedish agency, Garbergs got a hold of the ad and put a new message to it to help raise awareness for childhood cancer. Instead of the young woman’s hair blowing in the wind the woman’s hair is blown off leaving her with no hair and the statement ‘every day a child is diagnosed with cancer’. The power of technology and great messaging created a campaign that was both moving and captivating. To view the video click here

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