7 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Visuals

Visuals are a huge component of any successful social media marketing plan – the statistics prove it. But to create a dynamic social media marketing plan full of compelling visuals, you need to know more than why you should use them, you need to know how. Here, we’ve answered that question with a few actions your visuals should accomplish.


Be Helpful.
Your followers look to you as an expert and thought leader in your field, so provide them some helpful tips on your industry in the form of lists, infographics and videos. These “free” bits of advice deepens your relationship with your followers and their trust in you, increasing the likelihood that more readily contact you when they need your services.


Crack a joke.
People enjoy humor. Truly funny memes, gifs, photos and videos have big potential to spread like wildfire on social media. If you find any that pertain to your industry or brand, share them and get ready for the likes and shares to roll in!


Show Your Personality.
Ultimately, you want to create a brand with a personality people enjoy. Behind-the-scenes type visuals allow you to easily build this personality, and make your brand more relatable to your followers. Create content with a human element by featuring employees on birthdays or after big accomplishments, company parties, big events and conferences through photos or videos.

Be Social.
Posting user-generated content is a great way to share visuals of your products or services while also communicating directly with your followers! Keep a close eye on your social media accounts, and if you’re tagged in a decent photo of your business or its products, share it! You can also create your own hashtag for your followers to use to help source shareable content from your biggest fans.


An on-brand motivational quote designed in a cool graphic, or photos and videos of people enjoying your services and/or products all inspire your followers to become more involved in your brand and take advantage of the goods you offer.


Be original.
Try to make as many of your visuals completely original as possible. Custom graphics, photos and videos that are created and shared by your company do much better than photos and graphics from other sites. While it may not always be possible to post your own content 100% of the time, try your best to either have someone at your organization create graphics, film and take photos, or outsource these elements to a creative digital agency.

Turn heads.
Shock factor can go far in the right doses. Big news from your industry, a cool photo that pertains to your company or any other noteworthy, relevant content should definitely be part of your content strategy.

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