Top 5 Rules of Social Media Marketing

In today’s high-tech world of Google, Siri and iPhones, it’s not hard to see how social media has become such a heavy influencer in marketing. Here are our top 5 rules to keep your social media engaging for your audience: 

1.     Less Talking — More Listening

Social Media is essentially a large, social interaction — a conversation between friends (or in our case, brand and customer). In the same way that successful conversations require both talking and listening, so does social media marketing. Pay attention to the content that interests your followers. Only then will you be able to contribute to these conversations in ways that are beneficial or interesting to them.

2.     Quality over Quantity

This point is twofold. First, it is much better to produce less content that is well executed than to produce a large amount of poor content. In the same way, it’s better to have a small audience who connects and engages with your content than a huge audience that “likes” your page then disappears.

3.     Practice your Manners

If someone speaks to you in person, it’s considered rude to ignore them. Show the same sort of consideration online. If someone takes the time to reach out to you on social media, be sure to respond. Building relationships is one of the major benefits to social media marketing, so don’t miss this chance to take advantage of it. And if someone speaks negatively of you or your brand, we have tips on how to handle that as well

4.     Be Accessible

Don’t hit “send” then run from your computer. Be consistent and accessible to your followers. This is your chance to build loyal followers. If you can’t always be available, try to make it a goal to respond within at least 24 hours. 

5.     Focus

Say it with us — you can’t do everything! Find your digital content strategy and focus on it. A highly-focused strategy has a much better chance for success than a broad strategy that tries to be all things to all people.

Social media marketing has become a hallmark of the services we offer at EXIT. We would love to discuss how we manage our clients’ social media accounts and how we can help you as well. Give us a holler. We’re listening. 

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