What do you actually do?

When I tell people that I’m the Social Media Specialist for a growing marketing agency, I always know what the next question will be— “What do you actually do?” It’s a fair question. When your job title starts with “social media,” peoples’ minds often go to hashtags, selfies and pictures of fancy dinners. That’s not all bad, but there’s more to social media than just that, and I can prove it! Because of this misconception; though, I’d like to address the question that people really want answered when they ask what I do— What’s the value in it? 

Katie Geurin at EXIT Marketing

The short (ish) answer is this— Monday through Friday (and sometimes on Saturday and Sunday too), I handle the social media accounts for EXIT’s clients – which means I post daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as write a monthly blog post. I also manage LinkedIn, Google +, and Pinterest profiles, when necessary.

The long (and more accurate) answer is this:

  • I follow trends, news and articles closely, so I can tie the ideas back to my clients’ products to provide them relevant social media exposure.
  • I respond to clients’ customer reviews (both positive and negative) to address any problems or thank customers for their time and kind words.
  • I provide brand-consistent helpful tips, promotions, and FAQs through posts to my clients’ customers to keep them engaged in my clients’ services and products.
  • I study my clients’ customers to tailor my messaging to them. Do they like music, sports, food, travel? Do they online shop, or do they prefer to spend their money eating out? Knowing a target audience is power. 
  • I interview client employees so their customers can see the personal side behind the service/product they’re selling.
  • I research and work to up organic SEO rankings.
  • I analyze, analyze and then I analyze again. How many followers did my clients receive this month compared to last month? Which posts did they seem to respond best to? How can I draw in even more people to take part in my clients’ services?

EXIT’s vision for social media managing goes beyond even what we do now. We want to be in the field with our clients showing their customers a peak behind the curtain. We want to provide transparency through social media with regular “before and after” features, Facebook Live broadcasting, and covering events for social media followers to participate in. 

“Why do all of that?” you might wonder. This is where I seal the deal. Today, around 7 in 10 Americans use social media to connect with one another, engage with news content, share information and entertain themselves. At EXIT, we help our clients build stronger, more valuable social media relationships by consistently being true to what makes their brands meaningful. This attention to brand detail is hard to come by, and trust us, it pays off.

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