What’s in a Like?

At EXIT, our approach to social media revolves around building relationships and starting conversations with the audience of our clients, and this all begins with gaining social media followers. While we could go on and on about the importance of followers across all the social media platforms, we’re going to focus on the one that started the social craze: Facebook.

While the number of followers you have on Facebook isn’t everything, each like on your page should be the beginning of a meaningful relationship you can use to build brand trust, and establish yourself as an industry expert.

We’re constantly working to connect our clients with the right social media users to build these important relationships. This involves in-depth research, hours of brainstorming and extensive original content creation. While all of this effort is definitely necessary to create a successful Facebook page, there are also a few simple things you can do on your own to give your Facebook likes a boost.

Communicate with other industry pages.

Regularly check the pages of other organizations that you currently or potentially could work/partner with, and interact with them by leaving comments, liking their posts and writing reviews. Participate in industry Facebook groups for the same reason.

Promote your Facebook on your other social media accounts.

If you have a decent following on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media sites, create a post on your most popular platforms asking followers to go check out your Facebook page and give it a like.

Present the opportunity for people to like your Facebook page at every digital point of contact.

While you’re trying to increase likes, all of your online communications materials should attract attention to your Facebook page. Include your Facebook URL in your email signature and bio sections on your other social media accounts, add a “Like us on Facebook” button to your website, and place a “P.S. Like us on Facebook!” at the bottom of your enewsletter.

Reward your Facebook followers.

Help your Facebook get more attention by using it as for contests, giveaways and posting discounts. To really get the most out of this tactic, also make liking your page a prerequisite for winning the contest or receiving the discount.

Ask employees, friends and family to like the page.

Never underestimate the power of your inner circle. When these people like your page on their personal account, your brand will be exposed to more eyes, and your reach – and likes – will expand.

Why it’s important to seek out Facebook likes, in our own words

“Our stubborn commitment to building strong relationships between our clients and their followers pays off dividends in the long run. We do this through delivering meaningful, custom content that is consistently brand relevant.”

– Shawn Solloway, Owner


“Whether you know it or not, there’s most likely an online conversation happening about your brand. Make sure you’re taking part in it by reaching out to the right people. According to a study by Syncapse, the average Facebook like is worth $174. Of course this figure will vary with the cost of your service or product, but one truth definitely doesn’t vary: if you build up a follower base and engage those people in a meaningful dialogue, these will convert into customers. If you care about your bottom line, you should care about Facebook likes.”

– Emily Raine, Social Media Specialist


“So you get a notification that someone liked your Facebook page. Why is that such a big deal? Why is it now part of someone’s job description to get Facebook followers for a business? There’s a 2- part answer. (All good questions have parts to their answers, by the way). The first part is the domino effect. Sandy Jo likes your page so every time you post something it shows up on her page. If she shares it, likes it, comments on it – any sort of engagement – all 1,200 of her friends have the chance to see this content as well. (Sandy Jo is very popular). According to an NBC News study conducted in 2013, people check their Facebook page 14 times a day, on average. That’s 14 different opportunities for your content to be seen. And the more Sandy sees your branded, relevant, engaging content, the more she identifies you as the expert in your field. That’s where part 2 of the answer comes in. You’re building a relationship with that Facebook follower. Sandy Jo has taken the time to check your page out and has decided you are worthy of making it to her Newsfeed. Considering that you’re competing against millions of other pages and sometimes dozens of other local businesses in your field, Sandy Jo has given you an honor and a chance for a positive review and a referral base of 1,200 of her friends. That’s why a Facebook Like is such a big deal. One Like brings so much potential and possibilities. It’s the beginning of a consumer-based relationship that launches the chance for you to go viral.”

– Alex Cantrell, Account Manager

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