Yes, Even Your Pocket Folder Matters

In branding, once you embrace the one thing that makes you matter in your category you must then apply it to everything that your company puts in front of customers and prospects. AT EXIT, we call these touch points.

We work with our clients to help them bring image and message consistency to every place they come into contact with customers. We had a client come to us that was investing a lot of money to put on quality investment seminars for wealthy individuals. At the end of these he was passing out a pocket folder with background and additional investment information from his company. The problem was this handout, as far as quality and professionalism, did not match the quality level of the presentation and products he was selling. It was a touch point that was inconsistent with his company image. Even the smallest touch points can create doubt or concerns in a client’s or prospect’s mind when they contradict or come up short in fulfilling the brand promise. Want to make an impact in your marketing efforts without spending a dime on media? Review and evaluate every point your company comes in contact with customers. Are you delivering an experience that compliments your image and messaging? Are you making good on your selling promise? Doing that consistently and completely is the foundation for building a strong, meaningful brand. 


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