Brand Management

Who likes peeps, really? Besides sugar loving kids¬† and the few candy-crazed adults I have not met many people who actually like to eat peeps. I listened to a segment about peeps on PRI last week and it actually surprised me. The Vice President of Brand Development, Kathy Bassininsky, was interviewed about the peeps brand and their first newly opened peeps store, which is doing well so far. They sell shirts, water bottles, plush toys and even crystal peeps. Really it’s all about the brand and the name. Everyone knows about peeps and usually people either love them or hate them. An interesting fact I learned is that about 1/3 of peeps that are bought are not eaten. They are used for art/craft projects, experiments, or jokes around the office (taken from personal experience). Just looking up peeps on google or youtube shows an array of peeps projects. I have a couple examples below. So even if you hate peeps, that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to buy them. I guess the moral of the story here is that part of brand management is getting your name widely known and your product widely available, although versatility doesn’t hurt either.


“We Come In Peeps”


“Peeps Are A Girl’s Best Friend”

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