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A few months ago I wrote about Coca Cola’s Expedition 206. The expedition kicked off 18 days ago and they have already traveled 4234 miles and been to 14 countries. The website is pretty cool. Posts are usually made every few hours from different members of the team, comments from fans and tons of information on their mission of spreading happiness.

Something interesting came into my inbox this week – an email on Coca Cola’s social media policy. It was written on December 2nd of last year (scary that 2009 was last year, but that would be a different post…). It’s a great policy, outlining 10 expectations for their online spokespeople that are applicable to every one who acts on behalf of their company. The most interesting part of the policy is when it was written, just prior to the launch of Expedition 206. Was sending these Coca Cola Ambassadors out into the world for a yearlong social media experiment probably a little scary? I think that’s a big yes. Giving people free reign of a brand must be terrifying. Hence, their sage wisdom in putting a social media policy in place before they sent the ambassadors on their way. It is, of course, a good idea for Coca Cola since they are one of the largest international brands, but also important for any company, regardless of size. If you have a company blog, twitter account, or facebook page, everyone who participates should know the purpose, message and role they play in that social media world. I am proud to say that on this blog and our EXIT twitter that our different personalities really shine, which is something that we embrace at EXIT.
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