Connected To Your Brand

I read an interesting article on LinkedIn this week about how apps are changing the way people interact with your brand. It really got me thinking about how much technology has changed the way that consumers interact with brands. How going to my local Nike store is great, but isn’t it easier, more convenient and maybe even a better experience when you remove the traffic, crowds and wait time, to just order new shoes from my iPad? And would I enjoy the Nike brand more if I was connected to them through all of my online resources, ie Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram? I mean Nike has 14 different Twitter accounts so I can follow my exact interest. They are making it very easy to participate.

In a time when we are all connected, I’m torn on whether this gives consumers freedom and control or does it just overwhelm us to a point that we choose to not interact at all? Would love to hear your thoughts. Tweet us with the #overlyconnected

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