Diversity in Marketing

Typically when you think about Diversity Marketing the first thought that comes to mind is ethnic diversity, at least for me it is. There are plenty of ways that our different ethnicities affect our purchasing behavior. I was at our April AAF-Little Rock luncheon and the speaker discussed all the other ways diversity marketing can be interpreted. When you consider two women who are both white, 40, educated and living in the suburbs – they seem like they would have a lot in common. But throw in a child to just one of them and they couldn’t be more different. In today’s extremely diverse society, I think this type of example is where “diversity” marketing is heading. It isn’t just about the color of ones skin, but about all the different aspects of what make us different from the next person.

Through new technology and the ever growing and evolving social media outlets, advertisers’ connections to consumers have become much more intimate. These more personal channels deliver the advantage of a more targeted and pure audience, but at the same time they demand that marketers do more to show they fit in and they add the appropriate value to be asked to stick around. Today, being successful in building relationships and earning trust takes greater effort in getting to know consumers. A deeper understanding that goes far beyond relating to ethnic similarities. In the future, the companies that get the greatest ROI from their marketing effort will be the brands that take diversity marketing to its sharpest point — recognizing and valuing individual wants and needs.

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