For A Limited Time

One of my favorite marketing tactics of the holiday season… seasonal food items! At the top of that list would have to be Silk Soy Nog. I know what some of you may be thinking, gross. But add a little nutmeg and the fact that there is way less fat than regular egg nog and you have pure heaven in a glass. The fact that items like this are only around for a limited time once a year make them that much more special. If Soy Nog was around all year I would still buy it, occasionally, but since it’s not I try to keep it stocked in my fridge during the months that it’s provided. The “limited-time” marketing tactic is definitely one that I think works. So go out and enjoy what this season has to offer!

If you want to get fancy here’s a yummy coffee recipe from the Silk website that uses their Nog.

– 2 Espresso shots
– 1 Vanilla syrup shot
– Nutmeg
– 1 cup Silk Nog, steamed

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