How Dominant is Your Selling Idea?

From the book “Why Johnny Can’t Brand,” I’d like to share a valuable acronym: SIBMT.
SIBMT stands for Superlative, Important, Believable, Memorable, Tangible. Authors Bill Schley and Carl Nichols, Jr. explain these as the five ingredients required to turn a company’s specialty into a fully installed, living Dominant Selling Idea (DSI) in the minds of the target audience. For anyone questioning lack of sales success and market share growth generated from past marketing efforts, I would recommend that you take a moment to test your current positioning statement. Do you even have a DSI? If so, does it have all the five ingredients?

Is it a number 1 claim, states your company is the best in a certain specialty?

Being number 1 is not valuable if what you’re the best at is not important to target.

What you claim to be number 1 has to be true and something the target believes can be achieved.

Have you wrapped S-B into a message package that’s engaging and easy to recall?

Your claim must be real. Something consumers can experience and get the promised performance.

Without a strong Dominant Selling Idea, you, as a company, are not putting all the power into communicating the difference that makes consumers want to buy from you. Without this, your marketing efforts simply don’t have the necessary foundation to achieve significant, sustainable results.

Why Johnny Can't Brand

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  1. Tim

    Great advice. All 5 of those are important and can easily be overlooked.

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