Ideas Still Rule.

Today’s media is not your father’s media. In fact, today’s media is not even yesterday’s media. It’s constantly changing. There’s no doubt that we, as advertising professionals, must educate ourselves on this communications evolution and also immerse ourselves in the many new media experiences. Personally, we don’t have to embrace all the new channels, but professionally we can’t ignore the tremendous potential social media provides our clients to reach new customers and influence product trial.

But, even with all the buzz surrounding it, I think it’s important to point out that social media is not or ever will be a marketing idea. It is, at its core, a new stage built for agencies to attempt to engage audiences. You can learn to twitter out your ears while blogging about hulu, but it really has little impact for clients if you can’t apply great marketing ideas to your understanding of each channel. Ideas are and always will be the most precious product we provide our clients. What really excites me about this social media explosion is that it creates more placement opportunities for quality creative. I believe the growth of social media is directly connected to the demand for good ideas. I look forward to a very exciting and creative future in advertising.

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