Marketing to the Multitasking Modern Woman

AdAge and JWT recently released a study called “The New Female Consumer: The Rise of the Supermom.” The study explores the roles of women from 1960 to the present including what women value, what women earn, how many women have college educations, etc. One goal of the project was to learn how marketers can better target these modern women, who differ from their predecessors. Of course, in finding the differences, like how a woman of today makes $12,844 more a year than a woman of 1960, it’s perhaps even more interesting to note how many things have stayed the same, specifically how a woman with children is still the primary purchaser of the household. The study coined women as the COOs of the household who, according to Boston Consulting Group, control $4.3 trillion of the $5.9 trillion of US Consumer Spending. The articles concludes that marketers must “empower these female consumers to delegate to others (spouses, children, brands) so they can have more time to be who they want to be — at home, at work and on their own. And marketers have to use new ways to reach a population that rarely has time to sit down to read or watch or enjoy something without simultaneously doing something else.”

Read the entire article if you have time. If pressed for time, read the abstract, absorb the colorful, well-designed graphs, then skim the summary starting on page 20. If you are a marketer, check the table of contents of page 3 to find a chart related to your selling area, then evaluate how your marketing efforts currently target a multitasking mom.

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