Our gift is the ability to keep trying.

Being old doesn’t make you wise. But I think being wise does require plenty of life experience. And, for the most part, it’s older people that have this. The elderly simply know stuff we don’t and won’t until we reach their age. For me, talking with a person that’s 80+ years old is a special privilege; the conversations are honest, direct and pure; usually motivated only by the enjoyment of sharing their experience. I’d like to repeat some advice I recently was told while visiting a very wise, older man, who said:

In life, if you simply keep trying, keep fighting, keep pursuing your dreams, you are most likely going to eventually achieve something that others thought impossible. That’s the beauty of this wonderful life; it gives you time to keep trying. For some reason, people stop. They have plenty of time in front of them to keep trying. But they quit anyway. Do not give up on your dreams.

For me, what made this testimonial so meaningful is who it came from; a man at the finish line of life, reflecting back on his time and then generously sharing with me the knowledge he valued most. You know life is not that complicated. We all have about the same amount of time to live it. It’s what we do with this time that separates us all. We have to value it and realize that pursuing a dream is not wasteful. In fact, I believe it can be the most enriching, emotional and engaging kind of living. At least that’s what I’ve experienced so far. And today, with the help of much wiser friends, I’m more inspired than ever to never stop trying.

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